• Since 1994, we have become the premier name in label production for hang tags and swing tickets. We reach out to a huge number of businesses, both for local consumption and for exporters. Our clientèle includes manufacturers and suppliers of garments, bags, watches, optical products, cosmetics. As the market for tags and swing tickets become bigger and more competitive, we  believe and have kept ourselves consistently updated, technically and aesthetically to further the reputation of our clients through our merchandise. This and our passion to succeed with you has us breathing life to your innovative ideas. In our decade long tenure in the business, we have committed ourselves to excelling in making tags, swing tickets, label, accessories and packaging products.
  • Our Website is committed to bridging the gap of communication between our potential consumers and our technicians who will breathe life to your products. Our products and their corresponding pictures are on display. The pointers beneath are very useful for all clients.
  • Have a look on our product samples including: Badges, Labels, Tag, Patch, Buttons, Packaging paper, Bra Strap, Hang tags, Seal, Fashion jewelry etc.
  • Read on for a thorough understanding of our products/services and what the website tells you about us:

    • Materials used in making hang tags and swing tickets
    • Methods employed in their creation
    • Our Company's unique production techniques
    • A vibrant, animated display of the production process
    • In-depth explanation of the product
    • a blow-by-blow sketch of the product

  • A badly manufactured hang tag or swing ticket will stick out like a sore thumb, no matter how fancy or sleek your product may be. As it is with other commodities, the hang tag and swing ticket markets too have become more ambitious with the availability of more materials, designs and more brands surfacing. In keeping with this knowledge, we combine our background of competent innovation and brilliance with cutting edge technical skills so your product gets a kickstart in the market.
  • New entrepreneurs need to know the importance of good tags and swing tickets for their products. Not anymore just a piece of paper attached to the product, tags and swing tickets have evolved to playing the role of introducing the product to buyers. A good Hand tag or a good swing ticket serves a vital role as it provides information of brand name, manufacturer details, product maintenance guidelines and image. Detailed tags and swing tickets with vital information can push passers by to buying the product. On many occassions, hang tags and swing ticket are also known as suspended ticket, suspended label, hanging tag, hanging label, swing tag, swinging tag, swinging label, swinging ticket etc.

  • We provide a wide range of options in production method our customers can choose from.

    1. a four colour print
    2. spot print design
    3. screen print
    4. heat sealed
    5. micro injected
    6. classic emboss
    7. spot UV printed
    8. laser engraved
    9. epoxy

  • Raw materials used tell a lot about the product and its impact on the potential buyer. As for eg: A company who supplies organic food or recycled, environmentally-safe products or services would send wrong signals to buyers if the hang tag or swing ticket was made of aluminium or plastic. Thereby, lies the careful selection of raw material for making tags and swing tickets. We use the best quality of raw materials money can buy. From us, you can choose either of these materials that best suit your hang tags and swing tickets. If the options confuse you, worry not, our team will help you in finding the fabric most appropriate for your merchandise.We believe every  tag is as exclusive as the clients who manufacture them which is why we do not maintain run-of-the-mill standard sizes. We guarantee a 100% original design.

    1. Paper tags
    2. Pvc
    3. Pu
    4. Fabric tags
    5. Eva
    6. Nbr
    7. Polyresin
    8. Plastic
    9. Aluminium
    10. Alloy
    11. Felt
    12. Acrylic
    13. Bamboo tags
    14. Coconut tags
    15. Tpu

  • Barring Hang tags and swing tickets, we at nationbright have worked with different clients whose products vary from Badge, Bag and box, Belt, Button, Bra-strap, Card, Cord and piping, Fastener, Fashion jewelry, Film, Glasses strap, Key chain, Lanyard, Label, Mobile phone accessories, Patch, Packaging paper, Seal, Stickers, Tag, Tape, Transfer, Trims, Zipper pull and miscelleneous.

  • Nationbright is the first name in quality, efficiency and reliability. We hope you will work with us on your next project that requires the services we provide. For more about us, browse our website, especially look at all the unique pieces our clients and us have worked on.